The Libyan Challenge is pleased to host the first American team to run in Libya. Closed to the United States for decades the relationship between Libya and the U.S. has improved dramatically in 2008. American runners' in this historic event will not only be the first from the U.S. to compete in one of the world’s most extreme adventure races, but will also make strides towards improved diplomatic relations.  Running 120 miles along a centuries old camel caravan route,  runners will be self-supported, carrying their own survival gear and a GPS for navigation. At the mercy of their own wilderness skills and the harsh environment of the Libyan Desert each runner will be tested to their limits.
You can follow the race real time beginning February 24th at LibyanChallenge.com
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Exploring a country few American tourists have visited, runners will surely be able to engage in the culture and with the inhabitants of the desert. The Tuareg’s, desert dwelling nomads, are one of the few inhabitants of this formidable terrain. It is not uncommon for runners to find themselves sharing tea and warm bread with these people.

We invite you to make history with us either through your participation in the race or your sponsorship.
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