What is it?
The Libyan Challenge is a non-stop 190 km (about 120 miles) desert foot race by team (3 minimum) or solo, self-supported, with navigation by road-book, and GPS. Each competitor must carry all food, clothes, and mandatory survival gear to complete the course within the 75 hour limit. The event is scheduled for February 22nd through March 1st 2009 near Ghat, Libya in North Africa.

Why this race?
If you have been looking for a multi-day race in the desert, outside of the U.S., where you must rely on your hard earned time-tested wilderness skills, navigation, pacing and endurance; this race is for you. You will be the first Americans to participate in this event and help to kick off the improvement in relations between the U.S. and Libya.

What is unique about this event?
In recent months diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Libya have improved. Americans can now travel to this country and participate in this event. Our key contact in the U.S. is Rebecca Byerly. She is a journalist who recently participated and reported on similar events in China and other endurance events in Asia. She is actively securing interest by world-renowned news agencies CNN and National Public Radio. Rebecca with up to 9 other Americans will have a chance to participate in the event and bring relations with this country to a new level. This is the 4th year of the event.  Reviews by respected desert endurance runners Ray Zahab and Sandy McCallum both enthusiastically endorse the event as a well organized and unique adventure.

What does it take to do this race?
Experience in completing ultramarathons is essential. Each competitor must understand the demands of this kind of environment which includes sand storms, intense heat and rocky terrain.  Refined navigational skills using a GPS along while surmounting both physical and mental challenges will contribute to your successful race.

Where is this race and how do I get there?

This race takes place in south western Libya in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Travel from Paris to Ghat, Libya will be by charter airplane and is included in the race entry fee. Lodging and overland travel to get to the starting line in the Akakus region northeast of the city is also included. Hotels pre and post race in Libya are included.


How much does it cost to participate?

The entry fee for the race is 2055 Euros (about $2500 US) including cancellation/repatriation insurance. This is payable by international wire transfer to the organization’s bank.

What’s the deadline for entries?
We have an agreement with the race director for an extension to get our entries in by December 15th (from November 30th).

How do I get more information about this event?

Visit this web site for more information: http://www.libyanchallenge.com/anglais2.html

For a quick download of the rules, cost and prize money for leading participants please click here.