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Who do I contact to discuss sponsorship of the first U.S. team to Libya?

Please contact Howard Cohen at howard@gravityh.com or call 805-732-9137.

What has changed politically and economically between the United States and the Libyan government?
On November 21, 2008 CNN reported on the historic changes in this relationship. Below is and excerpt from this news article.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Libya has paid $1.5 billion to the families of terrorism victims, overcoming the final obstacle to full relations with the United States, the State Department said Friday.

The payment ends Tripoli's legal liability in U.S. terror cases and paves the way for increased U.S. involvement in the oil-rich nation.

President Bush signed an executive order Friday restoring Libyan immunity from terrorism-related lawsuits and dismissing pending cases over compensation as part of a deal reached this summer.

David Welch, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East, who negotiated the agreement, called Libya's rehabilitation from a terrorist nation to a U.S. ally "historic."

….U.S. business executives hope the new relationship will lead to billions of dollars of new investment in Libya, a country rich in petroleum reserves but lacking a developed infrastructure.

How can my company benefit from supporting the first Americans to race the Libyan Challenge?
As economic and political relations improve there are new opportunities for American companies to engage in business with Libya. The U.S. Libyan Challenge Team can create brand awareness of your company through media coverage and interaction with the local population as we travel through the country. This international news coverage will get your company’s name and logo viewed by millions of people across the globe. This is a rare opportunity to promote your brand and will provide support for enhancing your business relationships in Libya.

How can I participate in sponsorship?
There are a number of ways to participate in sponsoring this historic event: Members of the U.S. Libyan Challenge Team will proudly display your company logo on their shirts, jackets, or hats. As the event is documented by race management these images will be displayed on their web site. More importantly, as the story is covered by international news agencies like CNN and NPR, your company will be promoted through team member endorsements using high definition video, audio and digital photography.

What contribution levels are needed to support the first U.S. team’s participation in the Libyan Challenge?
The U.S. team is working with race management to reduce all costs to participate in this event. The contribution levels needed at this time is to support the 4 members of the core U.S. team. Sponsorship begins at $500 per team member. As more team members are added, the incremental cost for sponsorship of runners is optional but will clearly have a positive impact on company brand recognition, success of the team and also provide funding for talented runners with minimal resources.

Can I support your team with products instead of funding?
Yes. The U.S. team is comprised of experienced endurance athletes and they have most if not all the gear necessary to successfully complete this event. If you have gear or clothing that you believe will support the success of this team, we would like to hear from you. The U.S. team will test your products prior to the race to ensure they will meet the demands of this event. Chosen products will proudly be worn and promoted during the event.